TLC Learning Hub



The purpose of this page is to help connect students and families to our teacher’s learning management system (distance learning).  This page will be updated all school year, and how families will access information during distance learning.  If face to face instruction becomes an option, families will still be able to choose distance learning for their child.  Distance learning will be provided by Lincoln Center teachers.  If you need information about internet access or you are in need of a device for your student, please reach out to your classroom teacher or the Lincoln Center Office.


Distance Learning Key Terms:

LMS: Learning Management System (Seesaw:, Zoom).
Asynchronous: families and students can do any time.
Synchronous: live instruction where we all learn together at the same time (Zoom).
Distance Learning: individualized instruction at home through LMS.   If Face to Face instruction resumes during the 20-21 school year, distance learning is still offered as an option to families.