Gardens of Hope

Information for Gardens of Hope:

The Gardens of Hope hosted by Westcroft Gardens is a community partnership committed to an urban agriculture opportunity of education, participation and feeding those in need.  Grants, donated funds and farm market sales will be utilized to purchase Passive Solar Greenhouses (year round High Hoop Tunnels), equipment, soil improvements and irrigation improvements for the purpose of organic style growing of vegetables, herbs, lettuces, tomatoes and fruit on donated land at Westcroft Gardens the oldest (1776) family continually owned farm in the State of Michigan.  The Lincoln Center volunteer help will be utilized for planning, planting, weeding, crop production, crop recovery, farm market sales and delivery to low income senior and modest income families within the community and surrounding region. 

At The Gardens of Hope our goal will be to include participation from locally based service clubs and individuals who enjoy or want to learn about gardening and participate by eating some of the products they grow.  Profits from the Farm Market Sales will cover the costs of increased production. 

Article in Trenton Tribune - "Brothers' Gardens of Hope provide food, hope to those in need

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