Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

Today, more than ever, schools are faced with the challenging task of providing the best possible educational experience to a socially, emotionally, and cognitively diverse population of students.  Among the greatest challenges in accomplishing this goal at The Lincoln Center is student behavior.  If our students are not safe, respectful and responsible in their behavior, the learning and socialization process for them and others can be dramatically impeded.  Positive Behavior Support creates opportunities to teach and practice safe, respectful and responsible behavior.

PBS is a data-driven system that focuses on addressing behavior issues from a school-wide level.  This is depicted on the Three-Tiered Model of School-wide PBS which shows the continuum of interventions used based on student behavior.

The main components of an effective school-wide PBS system involve:

· Clearly defining and teaching a set of positive behavioral expectations

· Consistently acknowledging and rewarding appropriate behavior

· Constructively addressing problematic behavior

· Effectively using behavioral data to assess progress and to problem-solve

The positive behavior expectations defined in the matrix are to be included in school-wide protocols and are grounded in the core values of SAFETY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.  Part of our objective is to teach students that these core values extend beyond the classroom and school environment.

Students are taught (model, demonstrate, rehearse, or role-play) how to demonstrate the core values through behavior expectation lesson plans.  These are taught within the 7 matrix  locations within The Lincoln Center:

· Classroom

· Gym

· Hallway

· CBI’s/Playground

· Bathroom

· Busing

· Office

Students who have done an exceptional job displaying matrix behaviors are nominated for a “Lion of the Week” Certificate.  The student earning this honor will have done an exceptional job displaying matrix behaviors in all matrix locations for that week.  This student will have his/her picture taken and displayed in the “Lion’s Den” and receive a school spirit item from the PBS Prize Cart.

Appropriately acknowledging and rewarding the positive behavior of students is among the most effective ways to decrease problematic behavior and essential to strengthening the repeated display of positive behavior in the school setting.