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The Lincoln Center

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 Achieving Success

The Lincoln Center was established in 2000 and services students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 5-26 years), and Cognitive Impairment/Emotional Impairment (ages 5-26 years) from 17 downriver districts. We believe in providing educational opportunities that challenge students and respect all individuals. Additionally, we believe that all students can learn and achieve academic success, we believe in the importance of life-long learning and we believe that parent/guardian involvement is essential to student success.

This year we will focus on our use of data to drive academic and behavioral instruction, implementing the strategies to increase students' achievement in the Common Core Essential Elements, and providing exciting and challenging opportunities for all students. We will also continue to develop, implement and evaluate our school-wide positive behavior intervention support program; presenting our students with events and assemblies that help to foster a positive and safe environment.

 All of the staff at TLC are excited to support the students academically, socially and emotionally. Together we will develop and maintain a school culture that leads to student success.

William Bolton
 Program Administrator